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A novel concept of a tropical paradise within the dry zone, the Birds Resort was launched in early 2020 and gives an opportunity for detachment from the busy city life to enjoy the tranquility of co-existence with nature.

Located in Hambantota, snuggled by the side of the Southern Expressway, the Birds Resort Hambantota, is a tropical paradise surrounded by the luscious waters of Nagara Lake.

The Resort sprawls across 50 acres of land and shares the same soil as Asia’s Largest Bird Park, therefore becoming a premiere luxury resort amidst the clasping hands of mother’s natures wild. Birds Resort Hambantota lays in the center of a plethora of experience to guests, with the Southern coast from one side, the wilderness, the cultural and sacred sites all laid within an accessible radius which are some of many experiences you gain in your getaway

The stimulus to action this picturesque, recreational abode is to present the guests with a moment to connect with nature. We strive to give a sheer experience of relaxation with a blend of modernity and nature, be it business or pleasure.

Birds Resort


To be known among the premiere luxury resorts and destinations in the world, consistently delivering the highest of service standards to all our stakeholders.

Birds Resort


To provide an unforgettable ecofriendly experience by preserving the wellbeing of the land, nature, wildlife and ensure genuine heartfelt hospitality, that will engrave a unique experience in the heart and mind of every guest.

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